COMPUTER Technology

The computer technician masters the knowledge and skills in trouble shooting of all computer devices (Central processing unit, UPS, printers, scanner, keyboard, screen, etc)

He/she also masters trouble shooting management in a workshop or in a customer care service and the organization of assembly lines of an enterprise. He/she is also capable to manage a sales shop of computer devices and spare parts

This wider flexibility is required to improve potentialities of computer science in the region, in the assembly and repairing enterprise, or in the computer area of the trade and to create  an enterprise under certain conditions (participation in optional courses “Entrepreneurial skills” , extensive professional experience, etc)

Professional capacity

  • Reading and use of technical documents in the English and French languages
  • Mechanical and electric works complementary to the electronic and computer troubleshooting
  • Measurement of electrical quantities and semiconductors
  • Maintenance and repair of computer equipments
  • Starting up of equipment
  • Control and installation of antennas and decoders
  • Basic computer software (WINDOWS, DOS)
  • Maintenance of network equipment and memory units
  • Planning of the work progress, the availability of spare parts and materials to work
  • Control, maintenance and repair of heating, refrigeration and cooling equipment